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Lou Harwood

I’m Lou, I PT here at UltraFlex and also train from here too. I’m a natural figure competitor with a background in boxing, dance and football. I work as a personal trainer and full-time online coach. I work with a range of people from everyday lifestyle clients all the way to professional athletes. 
My qualifications are in personal training, nutrition, performance nutrition and physique development. I also have a background working in emotional and mental health. 
I specialise specifically in those wanting to level up their physiques, their training as well as themselves, whilst having a balance. This lifestyle has to work around you and your life, not the other way around.
Every time you walk into UltraFlex, you will leave knowing you gave that session everything. You will do things you never expected to achieve from lifetime personal bests with your training to your mind and body being at a level you’ve never seen. 
I will help you reach your full potential. If you want to book in for a PT session either drop me a message on Instagram lou_harwood_lpc or contact me 07341160560


Awards  2014 IFBB Arnold Classic USA – middleweight -3rd place 

IFBB Amateur Olympia – middleweight – 9th 
IFBB Arnold Classic Europe – middleweight – 7th 
2013 UKBFF North East Men’s under 80kg – 1st place 
UKBFF British Finals Men’s under 80kg – 3rd place 
2012 UKBFF North East Men’s under 80kg – 1st place
2011 UKBFF North East Men’s under 90kg – 3rd place
2009 IFBB European Junior Championship – 1st place + Over all winner IFBB Lithuanian Junior Championship – 1st place + Over all winner UKBFF North West Juniors – 1st place IFBB Baltic Cup Juniors – 1st place
2008 IFBB World Junior Championship – 7th place
2007 IFBB European Junior Championship – 6th place
2006 IFBB Lithuaninan Junior Championship Under 18’s – 1st place


John Hodgson is regarded as one of the most successful & consistent bodybuilders ever to have competed from the UK. John is a 3 x UKBFF British Champion and former IFBB Professional who has competed alongside every Mr Olympia from when he turned Professional these being: Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, Dexter Jackson, Phil Heath and many other amazing professional athletes from around the world. 

John’s meticulous attention to detail, simplistic non-nonsense and sheer ruthless hard work approach ensured he always turned up in amazing contest shape earning him the nickname by his fellow bodybuilding peers “Mr Condition”.

John is a no-frills, totally honest upfront human being who knows and has proven beyond any doubt what it takes to succeed as a bodybuilder. When it comes to training with brutal intensity & getting the job done, he is your man! 

John takes no prisoners, either you want it or you don’t. If you think you train hard, think again because until you have trained with John Hodgson the likelihood is you haven’t even scratched the surface.