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I’ve been personal training male and female clients of all different ages, for almost three years.

Focusing on:
* Improving overall body composition
* Maximising muscle gain
* Fat loss
* Sleep
* Nutrition and macros
* Mindset
* Stress management
* Confidence

I am constantly working to expand my knowledge and understanding of the many facets of health and fitness through seminars and workshops with some of the best coaches and trainers in the world.

After competing in Men’s Physique in 2017, coming in 3rd, I gained knowledge in this division in regards to to diet and posing.
I am currently working towards competing in Classic Physique next year.

If you want to achieve the results you desire and improve your lifestyle overall, then contact me for a free session and consultation.

* Level 2 CYQ Gym Instructor
* Level 3 CYQ Personal Training


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Training hard is key, but as my clients attest, you haven’t trained hard until you train with me.

Personal trainer with 8 years of experience and a coaching history of 200+ clients, I have a very successful record of transforming my clients beyond their expectations.

My programs are tailored to the specific client needs and informed by extensive training with world-leading educators in the industry. To name a few of my mentors, I have been coached by Charles Poliquin, Christian Thibaudeu, and Ben Pakulski.

I ensure variability in the training regime to boost your motivation, and guide you towards a perfect execution of the movements to keep you injury-free. My special attention to details comes from attending training camps by Olympic medalists Dmitry Berestov, Klokov and Lapikov.

Areas of expertise

Fat loss
Muscle building
Body biomechanics
Strength training
Injury prevention / rehab.
Olympic weightlifting




Jake PT at UltraFlex York


·       MSc – Sport & Exercise Nutrition

·       BSc – Strength & Conditioning

·       SENr (Sport & Exercise nutrition register) Accredited

·       Published articles in Muscle & Fitness magazine


My passion for fitness and training began at a young age with my engagement in athletics and rugby. My fascination with the fitness world was hugely influenced by striving to change my own body composition, working to improve and enhance my physique and sporting performance was always at the forefront of my adolescence. The knowledge I have gained through my undergraduate and postgraduate academic studies has massively influenced my successful abilities to help others improve their daily nutrition and training practices, having huge positive impacts on not only their body composition, but also as importantly their happiness, confidence and day to day quality of life. I work with a variety of clients form those just wanting the simple sustainable solutions to their weight loss goals, to more extreme clients wanting to get super lean and I even currently work with 2 top tier rugby players, one male one female, helping them with their daily nutrition and making sure they’re correctly fuelled for their sport and recovery.

As a practitioner I have worked with professional football and rugby league teams within a strength and conditioning role, as well as working with county standard rugby teams and some international work with a touring sports team out in Australia and New Zealand for the duration of their tour.

Whatever your current start position I can help provide the solutions to your personal goals whether it’s just losing a little weight, to more extreme diet cuts or ensuring you’re maximising sporting performance based through teaching and giving you the tools to control and be successful with your own nutritional intake and training practices, making for a happy sustainable healthy life. Get in touch today for a free nutrition consultation and gym induction session.  




Hannah is a fully qualified PT, who is incredibly passionate about what she does. She has previously worked in a well-respected health club but then left to open a private studio. Just recently she has taken the next step in her career and started a new chapter with Ultra Flex, where she believes that she is able to offer even more versatility to her PT sessions.

Her clients are from all walks of life, with varying targets and goals, yet they all have one thing in common – they made the decision to seek out her expertise so that she could help them change their lives for the better. It gives her real joy to see each and every individual develop and grow, both mentally and physically. Helping to transform someone’s doubtful, negative mindset into a confident, positive one, is something Hannah prides herself on. Her sessions are challenging and expertly tailored to suit the individuals’ needs, whilst also being fun and incredibly rewarding.

Everyone deserves a healthy, happy and fulfilled life, and to get the very best out of it you need to be at the top of your game. She is fully aware of how daunting that first step can be, which is why she aims to put her clients at ease and has an ever growing number who sign up to her enjoyable and inspiring sessions.

What Hannah can offer you:

  1. Level 2 & 3 qualified PT.
  2. Qualified sports performance nutrition coach.
  3. Knowledge in bikini and fitness competing/transformations. Including diet, training and posing for the WBFF federation.
  4. Specialises in glute/booty building.
  5. Thorough and meticulous planning and tracking of your fitness journey – this keeps you totally on track so that you can see faster results.
  6. Passion, enthusiasm and 100% commitment to help you achieve your goals.


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