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Tristan Buttle

I’ve worked in the fitness industry for the last 20 years, this is what I do, its part my life, its part of who I am ,and it’s my true passion.

During my career I’ve seen the industry explode and excel, but, sadly, I’ve also seen all the fads, all the false hopes and all the gimmicks that leave people confused, fed up, and intimidated by the whole ‘gym’ thing…

This confusion is part of what continues to fuel my mission to reach out and truly help people.

I am personally invested in the journey of my clients and their results, and I don’t leave the personal training experience on the gym floor.

Personal training is EXACTLY that : personal. You are an individual and unique, and the approach we take to achieving your goals is bespoke to you. You wont find a generic, ‘one size fits all‘ approach from me, simply because what works for one person, may not work for you.

I don’t impose my goals on you & I wont ask you to do what I do. I listen to your goals and get YOU to realise YOUR potential…..we may even have a laugh along the way!


Ana Polujan PT at Ultra Flex Hull

Ana Polujan

England’s 3rd strongest woman, Hull’s strongest woman, proud mum of 6 year old boy, MNU certified nutritionist, iron addict! Hobbies – pulling trucks and buses.

I’m extremely proud being part of Ultra Flex family. I love training there myself and also coaching my clients – they absolutely love the atmosphere, equipment and special and unique Ultra Flex vibe.

My approach is- be the strongest version of yourself- in all areas of life. I help busy professionals get lean, strong and confident.

Personal training is so much more than just personalised meal plan and training programme. It’s building coach-client relationship and trust. Empowering client with the knowledge and skills to continue by themselves, but being so good that they don’t want to leave. It’s being a role model and a leader.

It’s absolutely incredible watching people transform their lifes and personalities. And being a part of it.

I work with both male and female, beginners/advanced, different age group people that have one thing in common- they’re are serious about their goals and love working hard.

Fat loss, hypertrophy, strength training, Strongman competition prep, injury prevention.

1:1 sessions, semi private sessions- at Ultra Flex Hull. Online nutrition and training coaching – worldwide.

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