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Ultra flex gym
  • Best gym in Leeds hands down.

    Al Z. Avatar
    Al Z.

    the equipment is state of the art.. it isolates each muscle group you train giving maximum benefit and growth.

    Rick R. Avatar
    Rick R.
  • one of the best gyms I have been too in Leeds. staff are friendly, supportive and helpful, the atmosphere gets... read more

    Richard B. Avatar
    Richard B.

    Easily one of the best gyms around

    Steven B. Avatar
    Steven B.
  • best gym around great equipment great people great atmosphere

    Choudry M. Avatar
    Choudry M.

    best gym in Leeds by far, love it here,top bloke's, state of the art machines 👉💪😉👍.

    David M. Avatar
    David M.
  • Top gym and even the meat heads seem nice guys 😁👍🏼

    Philip W. Avatar
    Philip W.

    What a Awesome gym n friend let people. 👌🏽👌🏽👍🏼💪🏽

    Paul B. Avatar
    Paul B.
  • best gym around by far top staff best equipment would go anywhere else

    Paul T. Avatar
    Paul T.

    Loved it! Wish there was one close to home

    Kathryn B. Avatar
    Kathryn B.
  • the number one gym is Leeds by far....

    Dale W. Avatar
    Dale W.

    Awesome Gym felt pumped before I walked in.
    Got Everything You need..

    Gobind M. Avatar
    Gobind M.
  • what a gym💪💪💪highly recommend

    Ian A. Avatar
    Ian A.

    Ace gym awesome equipment and a good atmosphere

    Connor Y. Avatar
    Connor Y.
  • best gym i have been in by far

    Darren S. Avatar
    Darren S.

    Good place to be and train

    Marc W. Avatar
    Marc W.
  • Meeting new friends and if you don't have a training partner Ultra Flex Gym will help you.

    Moyshair S. Avatar
    Moyshair S.

    Brilliant Gym , everything you need , great staff 🙂

    Stephen A. Avatar
    Stephen A.
  • Great place and despite being surrounded by super fit bodybuilders I find everyone to be friendly and welcoming - we... read more

    Colin F. Avatar
    Colin F.

    #ultraflexgymleeds This place is basically Willy Wonka's chocolate factory for Gym rats! An unforgettable BB experience. Great staff, awesome... read more

    Karl T. Avatar
    Karl T.
  • Top Gym, definitely the best Gym you can find in Leeds! Amazing machines, atmosphere and nice people.
    Highly recommend! 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

    Micheline M. Avatar
    Micheline M.

    Brilliant gym, it has tons of great machines, great music and atmosphere and is kept clean and well maintained.

    Simon D. Avatar
    Simon D.
  • It is very good and I strongly recommend. I will visit her about every day of the week and I... read more

    Pavel M. Avatar
    Pavel M.

    This gym is a big wow factor if u love the gym and want to grow well this gym for... read more

    Marlowe A. Avatar
    Marlowe A.
  • Fantastic gym...Amazing kit...Great people!

    Terry G. Avatar
    Terry G.

    Such a great facility on my doorstep. friendly staff, really clean gym, great equipment and the monthly membership fee is... read more

    Nish P. Avatar
    Nish P.
  • Great equipment and atmosphere. Also cheap at 3.50 a session!

    Emma F. Avatar
    Emma F.

    Great gym, really good quality and variety of equipment. Will definitely be coming back here again soon.

    Connor W. Avatar
    Connor W.
  • If you don't train here then I'm sad for you!!!!

    Kyle F. Avatar
    Kyle F.

    Quality gym nothing you can't do there.. great atmosphere friendly staff defo going back up .
    Packd full of great equipment.

    Brett S. Avatar
    Brett S.
  • Mint gym. Great equipment and people with a good atmosphere. Can't get better than this place

    Roman P. Avatar
    Roman P.

    Don't have to say much what you need from gym u will find there , the guys who own the... read more

    Ali M. Avatar
    Ali M.
  • Trained 2 days on the trot, well worth the half hour drive

    Oliver U. Avatar
    Oliver U.

    Like a fat kid in a cake shop! The GAH gym of the North - shame we don't have one... read more

    Sam H. Avatar
    Sam H.
  • Its as good as a GYM can get absolutely brilliant.

    John H. Avatar
    John H.

    Great staff awesome people lots of equipment and plenty of space and an awesome atmosphere ��

    Thomas H. Avatar
    Thomas H.
  • Massive space, incredible equipment. Clean, well maintained and friendly helpful staff.

    Marc R. Avatar
    Marc R.

    Cracking gym really friendly, staff helpful best move iv made cheers.

    Darren W. Avatar
    Darren W.
  • Great gym,, amazing equipment, wonderful atmosphere and very very friendly people

    Michael F. Avatar
    Michael F.

    Super atmosphere, really friendly as well as a place where you can summon great focus if you need to get... read more

    Rosanna H. Avatar
    Rosanna H.
  • Best gym in West Yorkshire
    Great atmosphere, helpful staff and equipment that you have only dreamed of�

    Magdalena W. Avatar
    Magdalena W.

    Great gym love coming over for a session on a weekend!

    Joe T. Avatar
    Joe T.
  • Started training here recently was training at pure before but didn't feel right where as at flex you get that... read more

    Luke A. Avatar
    Luke A.

    Top quality Gym with everything you need. You can walk in de-motivaited and get instant motivaition from the equipment in... read more

    Zulfi M. Avatar
    Zulfi M.
  • Really enjoy training here! Great atmosphere and full of dedicated staff and members! Can't wait to see what the new... read more

    Jennifer L. Avatar
    Jennifer L.

    A great gym with a good atmosphere and every piece of equipment you could want.

    Lee B. Avatar
    Lee B.
  • Great gym happy to be back amongst people who are serious about lifting weight and making gains�

    Steve G. Avatar
    Steve G.

    Best gym in Yorkshire. And its still much more to come! The atmosphere and people just outstanding !

    Anita T. Avatar
    Anita T.


Each UltraFlex is under development for several months and whilst it would have been easy just to slap some paint on the walls,  get one manufacturer to sell us a package of all the leftover equipment and then pat ourselves on the back, we don’t do average, we are wanting to build a legacy, competing alongside some of the top gyms in the world and that can’t be done in a lunchtime. 

Instead, we choose the hard route,  to rebuild from the ground up,  a 100% no holds barred fit out over 10-15,000 sq.ft, with brand new changing facilities, studio & treatment rooms and even our own barbershop.  We then hand-pick the best equipment from the top independent manufacturers around the world,  some of which are custom made,  to ensure that our members have exactly what they need to achieve their goals.  This is a total structural overhaul featuring brand new cardio,  boxing and MMA.  

We know how frustrating it can be to have to wait when you’re ready to train, so we have a huge volume of weights and cardio equipment, to ensure that there are multiple racks and machines for every body part, so that when it is busy, it doesn’t have to delay your session.

Whether you are an experienced strength athlete, or just starting out and want to lose weight or get in shape, then we have everything you need to get the most out of your workouts and match your effort with results.   We are open to all, with a friendly and positive environment to make you feel welcome and part of the family.  If you need a little push, or just want a new routine, we have a great team of experienced personal trainers at your disposal.

It’s hard to put into words the quality, the atmosphere and the feeling you get,  it really has to be experienced.  So why not visit, let us show you around and try us out with a Day Pass from only £5 – once you feel the difference, you’ll never want to go anywhere else.   

All of this is accessible, via affordable monthly membership prices, so to get started just click the ‘Sign Up Now’ button below.


Take the first step because vision without action is just a dream…


Existing membership enquiries: